M8NTRA for Success

The M8NTRA Method is much more powerful and effective than an affirmation

Repeat each phrase out loud for success

Repeat twice a day -every day

Repetition gets Results

The science beihind the M8NTRA Method is solid:


Active Participation: When you actively engage in affirming yourself, it could reinforce the affirmation more than just passively listening. Active learning usually trumps passive learning.

Self-Perception Theory: This theory says that people infer their own beliefs and feelings from their behavior. So, if you hear yourself saying “Yes, I am a person worthy of love,” you might actually start to believe it.

Auditory Feedback: Saying something out loud provides auditory feedback, which could strengthen memory and belief in what you’re saying. Your brain hears it and might give it more weight.

Dual-Coding Theory: This theory proposes that it’s easier to remember things when you process them through two different channels, like hearing and speaking. So both hearing the question and saying the answer might help cement the idea more effectively.

Confirmation Bias: This is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs. By repeatedly affirming a positive belief about yourself, you might be more inclined to notice things that support this belief. 

Mirror Neurons: These are neurons that fire both when you do something and when you observe it being done. So, hearing an affirmation and saying it might engage these neurons, possibly increasing emotional understanding and empathy towards oneself.

Cognitive Dissonance: This is the mental discomfort experienced by a person who holds contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. By affirming something positive about yourself, you might reduce dissonance and bring your beliefs and actions more in line with each other.

Social Proof: Even though it’s you affirming yourself, the call and response mimics a social interaction. Social proof is a powerful influencer of behavior and belief.

Repetition: The more you repeat something, the more likely you are to believe it. This is a core principle behind many forms of learning and cognitive restructuring techniques.

The M8NTRA Minute

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