The Daily Vibe For your Best Life

All that inspo you got from podcasts and books—> M8NTRA is how you actually USE IT and integrate it in to your daily life.


If it’s not in writing, its not real.


If you’re not reviewing and tracking progress, you’re not serious.


This is HIIT (high intensity interval training) for your mindset


And guess what?  It’s FUN.  Get ready to find the fun in everything and start being your happiest self ever.


8 minutes LIVE  Video Call to start your day with a goal, an intention and a promise.

8 minutes LIVE Group Video call with the M8NTRA Tribe to rewind, reset, and rejuvenate.

Sunday Soul Hour to get your mindset in gear for your week ahead.


Hardwire the words that change your world


Speak it. See it. Believe it. Be it. 


The Science is Solid

8 Proven Methodologies

M8NTRA is highly effective as it combines 8 proven methodologies

  • Integrate the method into your day in the moment you need it.
  • Take 1 minute to reset your mindset – when you need it, with a M8NTRA for every situation
  • Repetition is the key to changing your neural networks

M8NTRA Experiences

Become the Best YOU, in ONE WEEK! 🌟 Want to improve your life in just one week? (well at M8NTRA our week is 8 days)…
Get your mind in the zone with M8NTRA 8×8, the ultimate collection of brain-boosting tools and techniques for peak performance.
Join us for a fun-filled live workshop in NYC where you’ll learn how to manifest your dreams and create the life you desire.
Features & Benefits

What is M8NTRA?

What it does for you

Our Founder

At M8NTRA, we believe that everyone has the power to manifest their dreams and create a life they love, and our team is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

edited profile pic

Jodie Sanders


I am making a difference in peoples lives

I am letting the infinite wisdom of the universe guide me

I am tapped in to my highest self

I see myself changing the world

I see myself able to rise to any challenge easily

I feel balanced, healthy and emotionally calm

I feel magic happening in every moment 

Everything that happens is for me


The M8NTRA Minute

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