**Hey get ready to have the BEST week of your life.**

(Except with M8NTRA, we do everything in the pattern of 8. Because we’re all about being extra. So it’s all on – 8 Days a week 💪🏼)

Ever get pumped up listening to a podcast, reading a book, or maybe going to a live event? Then you go back to your life, and what you listened to just didn’t stick?


Like you know you really got it, but doing it, putting it into action is just not happening?

If you want to break out into a new mindset, new life, and have FUN doing it, this is for you.

**Here’s the M8NTRA difference:**

-”M8NTRA is the language of your best life.  Forget chanting, or earnestly saying something hoping it will happen.  We’re DOING this. We’re not just designing your life, you’re going to start living it right now.  You get to show up as that person starting now.  And I’ll be with you cheering you on every step of the way.


– **Weekly Power-Visions.** We’re not just catching up. Together, we’ll craft an amazing vision for your week. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got on, it matters how you show up.  And how you feel- and we’re setting the intention to feel amazing.


– **Twice-a-Day Pep Talks.** Because once is never enough, right? Consider these your quick “you’ve got this!” nudges, ensuring your vibe stays high, and your focus laser-sharp.  What could be possible in your life if you just had that one person who truly builds you up and is your best cheerleader.


**Why M8NTRA? 🚀**

Because it feels AMAZING!  My life is insane since I started this and yours will be too.  I had NO IDEA how much I was capable of until I started this.  But most importantly, I had no idea HOW HAPPY I could feel, and how proud of myself every single day.  Shifting the mind is all about taking action and constant reinforcement.  That’s why this M8NTRA will stick with you and shift you permanently.  Well, actually I would say that- but then it just keeps getting better and better and better….

**Ready to get started?** Hit that ‘Schedule Now’ button! 📅

And if you’re thinking, “Is this right for me?” – Honey, if you’ve read this far, it totally is. 😉 Let’s make some magic and turn those dreams into your weekly reality.

**Cheers to the NEW you!** 🥂


P.S. We love emojis. Hope you do too! 😜🎉



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