Turbo charge manifestation and step into a new you. A M8NTRA is 64 seconds, A M8NTRA practice is 8 times per day.  Just 8 minutes.  (or more often if you want it faster) A M8NTRA week is 8 days. M8NTRA 8×8 is 64 days. This will change your life. Week 1: A new you Week 2: Mindset Week 3: Love Week 4: Money Week 5: Wellness Week 6: Fun Week 7: Tribe Week 8: Soul You’ll receive video M8NTRAs for each week along with calendar reminders. You can access M8NTRA via WhatsApp, SMS or Instagram messenger. So simple. Use it in the moment. Like pennies in the wishing well. They multiply into riches.

The M8NTRA Minute

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